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Established in 2019, UFill is the first Sri Lankan company to manufacture liquid vending machines engineered by our own local ingenuity. UFill is a subsidiary of Vega Innovations Pvt ltd, the home for the first electric super car of South Asia. 

Deployed all over the island, UFill has now achieved its international presence by partnering with global brands within its short passage of time. With the mission to be the most innovative and sustainable solution provider in refill vending machines, our team continuously strive to cater for our customer requirements with the optimum solutions. 



UFill machines are not limited as one for all solution, because we understand that each of our clients have different applications with different types of liquids. The design of our machines is very flexible to cater specific customer requirements. Our team undertakes both interior and exterior modifications to build the optimum solution for our clients.


After developing the basic structure of the liquid vending machine, we specify more on the developments to fulfill your customization requirements in aspects such as

  • No. of lanes
  • Volumes & types of liquids
  • User interface
  • Exterior branding etc.


We continue to offer the service to our clients as we also carry out maintenance activities upon their request. Our machines have been engineered for a hassle free, low maintenance operation  but in any case where more than remote assistance is needed, our team are ready to provide on-site maintenance as well.